Saturday/Sunday Guide Detailed Job Description

Getting the 150-plus singers in two choir groups to and from the stage in an orderly fashion is quite an undertaking. The walk to and from the stage to concert balcony seats (scroll down to see balcony diagram floor play) is a maze of stairways on the sides of the stage. We need eight adult guides who have learned to know these passageways well on Saturday so no one makes a wrong turn or gets mixed up. Here’s the come-and-go of the two choir groups as the concert begins and progresses:

  • After the photos at 1:00 on Sunday, the adult guides need to help all singers meet in choir room . The director has 30 minutes with the singers for warm ups. 
  • At 1:55 the 6-9 kids are taken to their concert seats in the balcony of Sauder hall, half on south balcony and  half seated on north balcony. One  guide leads a group and one guide follows each group. There are two groups of singers (the Grade 3-5 Choir, which can have up to 90 singers on a given year, and a Grade 6-9 Choir, which can have up to 70 singers in a given year). This  means four adult guides are needed.
  • The grades 3-5 singers need to be lined up, ready to enter stage left and stage right. (Again, we have one adult guide leading them and one following them).
  • After the grade 3-5 choir sings their four songs these same guides lead them off both sides of the stage to their concert seats in the balcony, switching places with the grade 6-9 choir. So this means the singers have to stay on the correct side of the stairways so as not to get mixed up.
  • The grade 6-9 choir is brought down from their concert seats in the balcony with the same four guides leading and following the groups and taking the singers to the stage.
  • After the grade 6-9 choir sings their four songs, the 3-5 kids are brought down to the stage from their concert seats for a short recognition ceremony and to sing the combined choir songs to end the concert.

These eight concert adult guides need to be available during Saturdays rehearsal.  We normally work with both choir groups for the walk through during a combined rehearsal, which will take 10 minutes of rehearsal time.

Sunday MYCF Singers Concert Schedule