1999 Program

March 7, 1999, 2:00 p.m.
Bethany Christian Schools
Andrea Welty Peachey, Director Prelude

Congregational Hymn
Great is the Lord (#87)

Children’s Choir (grades 3-5)
This is the Day (R. Gieseke)
For the Beauty of the Earth (J. Rutter)
All Night All Day (P. Simms)

Congregational Hymn
I will praise you, Lord (#109)

Prayer and Offering
Brandenburg Concerto #3 (Allegro)

Congregational Hymn
Praise, I will praise you, Lord (#76)

Jr. Youth Choir (grades 6-8)
Sing Jubilate Deo (J. Estes)
Selected Scripture from Psalm & Isaiah
Holy, Holy, Holy (F. Schubert)
Elijah (D. Wood)

Announcements & Recognitions

Congregational Hymn
Blessed Savior (#107)

Children and Jr. Youth Choir
Gloria in Excelsis Deo (A. Vivaldi)
I sing the mighty power (W. Monk)
Blessing (K. Bart)

Closing Prayer

Guest Director: Andrea teaches middle school music in Pennsylvania. She is a graduate of Goshen College and Hart School of Music, Hartford, Connecticut where she earned a Graduate Student Conducting Award in 1998. She had also worked with the Connecticut Children’s Chorus. Andrea and he husband, Jon, live in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania.

Piano: Barb Slagel
Prelude: Tim Dueck
Offertory: Bethany String Orchestra; Brian Mast, Director
Prayer: Linford Martin
Violin I: Sarah Yoder, Jed Wulliman, Anna Becker-Hoover, Lizzie Smucker
Violin II: Jessica Lehman, Gretchen Stoltzfus, Renee Glick
Viola: Melanie Histand, Anen Liechty, Ben Hoffman, Chris Atkins, Abby Nafziger
Cello: Ben Gerig, Andrea Milne, Jenny Gingerich, Andrea Histand, Jacob Kauffman, Emma Loewen, Jeff Weaver
String Bass: Andy Gingerich, Tom Good
Flute: Debbie Fath, Karen Hostetler
Clarinet: Joel Fath
Oboe: Lisa Caskey
Horn: Barb Slagel
Bassoon: Brian Mast
Trumpet: Greg Smucker
Percussion: Mark Bowman
Ushers: Shore
Sound System and Recording: Precision Audio
Set Up/Clean Up: Yellow Creek
Cluster Rehearsal Facilities: Waterford
Saturday Break: First Mennonite Middlebury and Walnut Hill