1998 Program

March 8, 1998, 2:00 p.m.
Bethany Christian Schools
Susan Naus Dengler, Director of Childrens Choir
Jay Hartzler, Director of Jr. Youth Choir


Festival Jubilate (Kauffmann)

Congregational Hymn
Let the whole creation cry (#51)

Welcome & Invocation

Children’s Choir (grades 3-5)
Praise the Lord Who Reigns Above (Jody Lindh)
When I Turn My Heart to Heaven (Joseph Martin)
Prayer Litany (Helen Kemp)
In the Bulb There is a Flower (#614)
I Want Jesus to Walk With Me (Hal Hopson)

Congregational Hymn
O little children, gather (#489)

Prayer and Offering
Brandenburg Concerto #5 1st Movement (J.S. Bach)
Song of Ruth (Joyce E. Eilers)

Congregational Hymn
Hosanna, loud hosanna (#238)

Jr. Youth Choir (grades 6-8)
Here I Am, Lord (Daniel Schutte)
Sometime a Light Surprises (#603)
Tenzi (Doreen Rao)
Easter Song (Allen Pote)
Rise up This Joyful Day! (W.A. Mozart)

Announcements & Recognitions

Congregational Hymn
Joyful, joyful, we adore thee (#71)

Children and Jr. Youth Choir
We Will Praise You (Praetorius/ D. Wagner)
Halle, Hallelujah (John Michniewicz)


Guest Directors: Susan serves as Minister of Music and Arts at College Mennonite Church, where she conducts two of the children’s choirs in addition to other responsibilities. She also teaches on the voice faculty at Goshen College and Bethany Christian High School. Jay teaches choral and instrumental music at Eastern Mennonite High School. He also directs a community choir and is president-elect of the Virginia Choral Direstors Association.

Piano: Charely Cripe, Elijah Martens, Patsy Sherer
Bass: Robert Martin
Oboe: Heidi Eash
Guitar: Jim Fisher, Marg Fisher, Dale Shenk
Prelude: College Mennonite Church Handbell Choir
Mike $ Patsy Sherer
Offertory: Sunnyside Mennonite Church Ensemble
Congregational Singing Rosemary Rupp (Piano-Jennie Kauffman; Trumpet-Greg Smucker)
Prayer: John Murray (Pastor-Emma Mennonite Church)
Recognitions: Lola Gingerich
Ushers: Pleasant View Mennonite Church
Sound System and Recording: Precision Audio
Set Up/Clean Up: Berkey Avenue Mennonite Fellowship
Cluster Rehearsal Facilities: College Mennonite Church
Saturday Break: Waterford; North Goshen; Assembly