1994 Program

March 13, 1994, 2:00 p.m.
Bethany Christian Schools
Diane Skrobis, Director Prelude

Congregational signing
O Little Children Gather (#489)

Welcome & Call To Worship

Sing A Jubilant Son (D. & J. Perry)
Hosanna In The Highest (A. Snyder)

Congregational signing
Sing Praise To God (#59)
Let There Be Light Lord God (#371)

Psalm 66

Da Pacen Domine (M. Goetze)

Prayer and Offering

Congregational Singing
For Christ and The Church (#416)
Lift Every Voice and Sing (#579)
Guide My Feet (#546)

Siyahamba (H. Leck)

African Prayer

One Little Candle (A. Snyder)



The Lord Bless You and Keep You (J. Ruttler)

Guest Directors: We welcome Diane Skrobis from Muskego Wisconsin. Diane teaches music education at Carroll College and directs four children’s choirs. She had conducted numerous clinics and workshops throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest.

Choir Accompanists: Arlene Steffenr
Prelude: Maple City Suzuki Players
Congregational Singing: John D. Smucker
Pianist: Zoann Haarer
Offering Prayer: Charlotte Holsopple Glick
Recognitions: Jennie Kauffman
Ushers: College Mennonite
Sound System and Recording: Precision Audio
Saturday Break: Berkey Avenue, Assembly Mennonite, First Mennonite Middlebury,
Pleasant View