1993 Program

March 14, 1993, 2:00 p.m.
Bethany Christian Schools
Jane Schultz-Janzen, Director PreludeCongregational signing
Greeting Song (C. Weaver)I Will Give Thanks (M. Jothen)
Jesus Like A Shepherd

Let’s Sing Unto The Lord (#5)


All Things Bright And Beautiful (J. Rutter)
Elijah (D. Wood)

Great God of Wonders (#149)
You Are Salt For The Earth (#226)

In The Rifted Rock I’m Resting (W. Bentley)

Wade In The Water (#446)


Lord You Have Come To The Lakeshore (#229)
In Your Sickness (#585) Closing

Prayer of St. Francis (H. Litz)

Guest Directors: We welcome Jane Schultz-Janzen who is a graduate of Canadian Mennonite Bible College, University of Waterloo and the University of Western Ontario. She teaches secondary school music and, and directs the Inter-Mennonite Children’s Choir in Waterloo, Ontario. Jane has a broad experience in vocal music in church and community. Jane and he husband, Terry, live on a small farm outside of Waterloo. They are active members of Wellesley Mennonite Church.

Choir Accompanists: Patsy Sherer
Flutist: Rachel Clemens
Congregational Singing: Stanley Kropf
Pianist: Danien Schipani
Offering Prayer: James Detweiler
Closing: Lola Gingerich
Ushers: Clinton Frame Mennonite
Sound System and Recording: Precision Audio
Saturday Break: Shore Mennonite, Waterford Mennonite, East Goshen Mennonite