Each March, the Mennonite Youth Choir Festival brings children and youth together from various faith communities.  During the two-day festival, participants put the finishing touches on sacred music they have been learning over the past two months in their area rehearsals, culminating in a Sunday afternoon worship concert.

The Mennonite Youth Choir Festival was formed in 1992 with a vision for continuing and strengthening the Church’s tradition of singing in worship. At the festival and in the weeks leading up to it, children gain musical skills and an appreciation for a broad range of sacred music. Singing under the direction of gifted guest conductors, participants lead the assembly in worship.

Our children are the future of the church. Experiences like the annual Youth Choir Festival help ensure that it will be a future full of praise and music.

The mission of the Mennonite Youth Choir Festival is:

  • To assist the church with the responsibility of nurturing our children in music by training young voices to sing and appreciate the music of the church.
  • To bring together young people from Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Illinois for a quality festival experience.
  • To introduce them to professional musicians who model a love for the Lord and a profound desire to nurture young people in music of the church.