Getting Boys Excited to Sing

The Mennonite Youth Choir Festival is a great place to have your son belong to a group with many other young male singers.

  • If your son is interested in singing but is afraid others see it, for whatever reason, as something not for boys, try watching the Disney film “Almost Angels.” It’s about the Vienna Choir boys and their travails and triumphs. A fun movie casting the actual members of the Vienna Boys Choir.
  • Boys will feel more confident and excited about singing if they have strong encouragement and support from a familiar male role model like their father, grandfather, uncle, family friend, etc. Here is a song clip from last year of a song  (“In the Rifted Rock”) that featured a men’s choir (many fathers of participants) joining together with the youth. Consider playing it for your son if he is unsure about participating.
  • Have another idea or something you’ve done with your son to encourage him to be part of choral groups? We’d like to add it here. Use the comment box below to share it.

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